Hybrid Features

Average weight per fruit: 0.8 – 1.2 Kg.

Recommended sowing density: 1.4 mts  between plants per 3.5 mts between furrows.

1.4 x 3.5 = 2,040 Plants / Ha.

Brix Degrees: 11 – 14° brix.

Seed Sex Proportion: 50% hermaphrodite – 50% females.

Suggestion: 4 envelopes per Ha equales to 99% of hermaphrodites plants.

Production Potential: 80 – 110 Tons per Ha / 6 harvesting months

Classification: Baby fruit type

Sweet Sense

This hybrid is directed to a specialty market segment, which is ready to invest more to have it. Sweet Sense is a special hybrid, besides having a sweetness between 11 and 14 Brix degrees, it has a pleasant fragrance, which is uncommon on any other materials on the market.

On its ideal maturation point, its exterior is yellow, with extraordinary Salmon color inside. It is remarkable its exquisite flavor, which has total acceptance in the European market, because of the differentiation over other Papaya fruit materials. The right market segment to focus, allows it to compete with other tropical fruits.