Our research and development department maintains close contact with producers, traders and consumers of papaya, with the aim of identify their specific needs, provide solutions and create a sustainable environment in the industry.

Currently on our breeding program we are working so hard on molecular genetic that allows us to identify gens that determine certain desirable characteristics for producers and marketers on the fruit, allowing in the medium term, to obtain materials that attack specific needs to requirements worldwide.

The validation of our results is through a self-protocol and evaluations with key producers in every region in which we operate.

Currently we have a great Germplasm Active Bank, with a lot of materials and a Bud Active Bank, because in the short term we are working on the development of propagation of in vitro plants.

In addition to our BAG, our breeding program seeks to:
– Breeding Maradol Roja, focused on providing longer post
– harvest life, virus tolerance and bigger productivity.
– Development of new hybrid materials.
– Analysis of rhizosphere soil, for breeding of our materials in strategic partnership with Colorado State University.
– Studies of hormonal profiles of our materials in strategic partnership with Colorado State University.
– Research to induce resistance to viruses and diseases in our materials.
– Research Study for the development of alternative materials seedless papaya.
– Authentication of official studies to test non GMO, of our commercial materials and our breeding.