what is One TECH?
The new ONE TECH technology improves the process of seed germination, in addition cost savings, days of work and labor process. The metallic material of the envelope containing our product, besides their shape, allows a better seed conservation, longer shelf life and easy handling work. It facilitates direct planting of power plant on a tray without emptying the seeds in another vessel, as it stands firm. For its transparent basis, it is practical to see the inside product without opening the envelope.

One Tech

One Tech’s Benefits.
Seeds preservation.
The packaging material preserves the physiological seed quality, giving it a longer shelf life and protection to external factors compared with the common envelope or cans.
• From the envelope to the tray.
One Tech seed doesn’t need the pre germinated process. This allows the farmer open the envelope in front of the tray, remove the seed and plant it directly into moist soil. It serves as a container for planting while the oval base and allowed to remain in an upright position after open it. By not requiring the pre germinated process, the farmer is saving nine days of process and inversion.
• Easy and quick planting.
One Tech seed is characterized by bright colors, which makes it easy to distinguish the seeds of the substrate on which it is grown, which prevents the farmer put more than one seed per cavity optimizing the use of the seed. This feature, contrasting color and removal of pre germinated process makes planting trays faster than the common process.
• Better rooting.
The One Tech technology allows the plant to have a better rooting system than conventional seed, and removing the pre germinated seed process, farmer doesn’t have to move from one medium to another, it means that doesn’t suffer stress at planting time, and from the moment it begins its germination, root system develops better promoting healthy plant growth.
• Increased force.
By planting the seed directly in the pan, without pre germinated process the plant doesn’t suffer stress, allowing a more vigorous development, besides seedling mortality decreases at transplanting time.
• Great precocity.
Adding all these benefits, this technology helps to have much greater precocity, which represents big saving of time and money to the producer in the process of planting.
Available One Tech’s Seeds.
One Tech’s technology is applied to our commercial materials available on our hybrid and O.P. varieties *
* Except Passion Red..