Average weight per fruit:

2 & 3.2 kg

8 & 11° Brix.

Production average:
80 & 110 tons/ha

Recommended density:
1.3 x 3.5 m. – 2197 Plants/Ha.

Sex Ratio:
66% Hermaphrodites
34% Females


This low-growing plant facilitates the work of application and harvesting. Its leaves are medium sized petioles, allowing some increase population density per unit area.

Mulata has a yield per hectare of between 80 and 110 ton / ha. The sex ratio is 66% and 34% hermaphrodite – female. The flowering period starts between 40 to 45 days after transplantation. At the beginning of harvest each plant is about 57 fruits weighing about 2.7 kg. Its flesh is reddish-orange color, with thickness of 3.5 cm and a sweetness between 8 and 11 ° Brix. The thick crust, protects it from bumps and scrapes, allowing easy handling work and avoiding losses by post-harvest management tasks.

This product contains ONE TECH’s Technology.