Average weight per fruit:
1.5 & 2.2 Kg.

10 & 13° Brix.

Production average:
100 & 150 tons/ha

Recommended density:
1.3 x 3.5 m. – 2197 Plants/Ha.

Sex Ratio:
50% Hermaphrodites
50% Females



This highly productive hybrid between 100 and 150 ton / ha. has a 95% of export quality fruits. The bright yellow of its shell stands on the shelves making it attractive to the final consumer. Its interior is red pulp with a sugar content between 10 and 13 ° Brix. Its weight average potential per hectare is 150 tons / ha. Developed for midmarket papaya or formosa type, their average weight is between 1.5 and 2.2 kg with high uniformity in size and shape which facilitates packaging of the fruit in boxes.

Intenzza is a material with extraordinary acceptance in the European market and the US, in addition to South America, due to its excellent post-harvest life and exquisite flavor.

This product contains the ONETECH technology.