Variety Features.

Average weight per fruit: 2.2 – 2.5 Kg.

Recommended sowing density: 1.3 mts  between plants per 3.5 mts between furrows.

1.3 x 3.5 = 2,198 Plants / Ha.

Brix Degrees: 8 – 11° brix.

Seed Sex Proportion: 66% hermaphrodite – 34% females.

Suggestion: 3 envelopes per Ha equales to 99% of hermaphrodites plants.

Production Potential: 70 – 90 Tons per Ha / 6 harvesting months

Classification: Formosa fruit type

Maradol Roja

This material is characterized, by high productivity and quality of its fruit. The plants are low growing and can adapt to a variety of soils. Its yield per hectare is between 70 and 90 ton / ha. The Sex ratio of hermaphrodite and female plants is 66% -34% respectively. Its fruits are highly valued in all markets for their consistency and flavor.

Your epidermis is thick, reaching a yellow-orange, color when the fruit reaches ripeness. Its flesh color is red salmon, consistent and sweet (between 8 ° and 11 ° Brix). The weight per fruit ranges from 2.2 to 2.5 kg.

The Maradol Roja fruit has a characteristic aroma and a sweet flavor. Its exterior is a thick shell, which when it reaches its total ripeness turns bright yellow and its interior presents an intense salmon color very attractive to the eye.